Suicidal & Management

21 Feb

As presented in Journal Club


Suicidal & Management of Suicide

Contributing Factors to Suicidal:

1) Social factors

2) Biological factors –

Family history of suicide


has been linked with decreased activity of brain pathways

3) Psychological factors –


Cognitive constriction

Problem solving deficits

Overgeneralized autobiographical memory

High Risk Occupational Groups

1) Doctors – female more than male

2) Farmers – stress related to work & financial difficulties

Care of Potentially Suicide in Community:-

-> full assessment of patients & proposed care

-> organization of adequate social support

-> regular review of suicide risks

Care of Suicidal Patients in Hospital:-

-> Safe ward environment

-> An adequate number of well trained staff

-> Good working relationships between staff & patients

-> Agreed policies for the observation, and review of patients.

Suicidal Prevention:-

* Better & more available psychiatric services

* Restricting the means of suicide

* Encouraging responsible reporting

* Educational programmes

* Improved care for high risk group

* Crisis center & ‘hot line’

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